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SEVEN Organization

The SEVEN Networks management team has extensive leadership experience in the wireless and enterprise software industries

Executive team

Ross Bott  »

President and CEO

Mark Harris  »


Chaitali Sengupta  »


Ari Backholm  »

SVP, Analytics and
Market Development

Martin McKendry  »

SVP, Engineering and Operations

Mike Ward  »

SVP, Worldwide Sales,
Support, and
Business Development

Jean Lea  »

VP, Human Resources

Board of Directors

Ross Bott, Ph.D.  »


Brad Silverberg »

CEO, Chairman/Founder, Ignition Partners

Andrea Traversone »

Investment Manager, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd.

Myhrvold  »

Managing Director/Founding Partner, Ignition Partners

David Sze »

General Partner, Greylock

Gary Wetsel »

Former Executive Vice President of Finance/CFO, Aspect Communications Corp.

CEO Ross Bott
Entrepreneur of the Year

Seven Reasons
to choose SEVEN

  1. Simplify Service Delivery
  2. Lower Operational Costs
  3. Increase Network Efficiency
  4. Increase Customer Loyalty
  5. Improve Device Battery Life
  6. Scale to Millions of Users
  7. Enhance End-User Experience

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