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(Android 7 and higher) How can I block ads in YouTube or other apps?

On devices running Android 7 or higher, some apps, such as YouTube, do not trust user certificates, which AdClear utilizes to block HTTPS ads. However, there are two ways that you can use AdClear to view YouTube videos without ads in Android 7.x+ devices:

  1. Use Chrome or another browser compatible with AdClear, and visit www.youtube.com using the browser-based version of YouTube.

  2. Use the Parallel Space app, available in the Google Play Store. For more detailed information, see 'What is Parallel Space and how do I install it?' below.

(Android 7 and higher) What is Parallel Space and how do I install it?

Parallel Space is a free app that allows other apps to run in their own virtual environment. This allows AdClear to more effectively block ads on devices running Android 7 and above.

  1. Install Parallel Space from the Play Store. If you have a 64-bit Android Phone, Parallel Space will notify you that you need the 64-bit version of the app and will provide a link to download it from the Play Store.

  2. Install the latest version of AdClear from seven.com. If AdClear is already installed on your phone, check for available upgrades and install the new version if available.

  3. In AdClear, go to Settings>Ad Blocking>HTTPS filtering and make sure that HTTPS filtering is enabled.

  4. In AdClear, go to Settings>Manage apps and make sure that both Parallel Space and 64-bit Parallel Space (if installed) are enabled for ad blocking.

  5. Run Parallel Space. Add the YouTube app to the list of apps that will run through Parallel Space.

  6. While in the Parallel Space app, launch the YouTube app.

  7. AdClear will now block most ads on YouTube and other apps.

  8. Remember to always run your apps from within Parallel Space rather than directly from the app tray.

Note: 64-bit app is a utility app to improve compatibility between Parallel space and 64-bit devices.

(Android 6 and below) Why am I seeing ads in YouTube and/or Chrome?

Almost half of all apps, including YouTube and Chrome, use HTTPS connections to deliver ads. In order to block these ads, you must first install AdClear's Trusted Certificate. You can do this through AdClear's Settings > Ad blocking > HTTPS filtering > Install Certificate.

(Android 6) Why does AdClear not work with Power Saving mode?

This is a known issue with Android 6 OS. Power Saving mode restricts background apps from accessing data. This prevents AdClear from filtering connections and blocking advertisements.

(Android 5) I’ve reinstalled AdClear, why won't the VPN start?

Redémarrer votre appareil devrait résoudre le problème. S’il persiste, contactez-nous.

(Android 4) Why aren't ads being blocked?

Si vous utilisez un Android 4 avec AdClear et que vous êtes sur un réseau IPv6, votre appareil risque de ne pas pouvoir bloquer certaines publicités. La plupart des nouveaux routeurs et des tours mobile utilisent des connexions IPv6.

(ZTE phones) After waking the phone from sleep, why am I not blocking ads?

Si vous utilisez le mode d’économie d’énergie de ZTE, assurez-vous de désactiver l’Activation planifiée pour AdClear et redémarrez votre appareil.

(Huawei phones) After waking the phone from sleep, why am I not blocking ads?

Be sure to make AdClear run in the background under Settings > Apps > AdClear. On some devices, you'll need to ignore optimizations or add AdClear to your Protected Apps list.

(Xiaomi phones) Why does AdClear get turned off?

Les téléphones Xiaomi n’autorisent pas AdClear à fonctionner en arrière-plan par défaut. Pour ce faire, suivez ces étapes (en anglais).

(Samsung phones) Why does AdClear turn back on when I turn it off from the notification screen?

On some Samsung devices, we are not able to disable the VPN from the notification bar.  The best way to quickly disable the VPN is to use our widget or to open AdClear and disable the VPN.

Ad Blocking

Will AdClear block ads in all apps?

Not yet. We're constantly working to block ads more effectively, but for now, ads in some apps, including Facebook and Twitter, can't be blocked. You can see which apps are bypassed under Settings > Ad Blocking > Select apps.

Est-ce que je devrais utiliser tous les filtres ?

Afin de maximiser les performances, nous vous recommandons d’en utiliser un maximum de 3 à 5. Souvenez-vous que vous pouvez toujours retourner sur le menu pour tester de nouveaux filtres et trouver ce qui vous convient le mieux.

Pourquoi dois-je installer un RPV sur mon appareil ?

AdClear’s VPN is critical to blocking unwanted data; it enables real-time analysis and modification of incoming traffic. For example, if a website sends data that is identified as an ad, the VPN recognizes the request and intercepts the ad traffic before it can display. No proxy servers are involved in the process.
Think of it this way: the waiter at your favorite restaurant knows you’re allergic to onions, so he makes sure the kitchen skips them every time – the onions never get near you.

What is HTTPS filtering?

HTTPS filtering allows AdClear to block ads from applications like YouTube and websites secured with HTTPS that use encrypted ads. A user trusted certificate from AdClear must be installed on your device in order to enable this feature.

What is a security certificate, and why do I need to install it?

A security certificate is a tiny file that, when installed on your device, identifies it to a secure network (in this case, your onboard VPN). It performs functions similar to those of an ID keycard in a secure facility.Your device needs a security certificate to allow AdClear to block encrypted ads. Although unencrypted ads can be blocked without one, a certificate is required to detect encrypted ads.


J’ai désinstallé l’application et supprimé le certificat, mais il y a encore un verrouillage d’écran. Comment l’enlever ?

Le verrouillage d’écran est un paramètre d’Android nécessaire à l’activation de la Protection avancée. Ce paramètre se trouve dans Paramètres -> Sécurité -> Verrouillage de l’écran. Il se peut que vous ailliez à resaisir le code, la phrase ou le schéma que vous avez choisi pour le désactiver.

Pourquoi est-ce qu’une notification “Le réseau est peut-être surveillé” apparaît après avoir installé le certificat autorisé ?

Une fois le certificat autorisé installé, votre appareil affichera une notification “Le réseau est peut-être surveillé”. AdClear surveille vos données chiffrées afin de bloquer les publicités chiffrées.

Why does my phone say AdClear is using a significant portion of my battery?

Cela peut porter à confusion. Comme AdClear filtre l’ensemble du trafic à travers le RPV, Android attribue une grande partie de la consommation d’énergie à AdClear au lieu de vos autres applications.

User Filters


You can block additional domains using your own custom user filters. To block traffic to a given domain, you can do so by adding it to your own custom block list under Settings > Ad blocking > User filters.


If you would like to un-block a domain, add it to your own custom bypass list (whitelist) under Settings> Ad blocking > User filters. Add urls bypassed, e.g. www.google.com. These urls can refer either to sites you visit while browsing or to sites that may deliver ads you don't want blocked.

SSL bypass

Adding a domain to the SSL bypass list prevents AdClear from intercepting HTTPS traffic ONLY. HTTP traffic from domains on this list will not be affected.


Why do I need to press 'Install' again to update AdClear?

When updating or downloading from the Play Store, most of the updating process is done automatically in the background. Because AdClear is not in the Play Store, Android requires the user to give permission to install any updates.

Can AdClear update automatically?

When a new version of AdClear is released, it will be automatically downloaded the next time your device is idle while connected to Wi-Fi, or you can select 'Download Now' on the home screen to download the update immediately.


Still have questions?

You can find more information about AdClear's features and get useful tips on how to use them at forum.seven.com