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RCR Wireless

February 2014, RCR Wireless
SEVEN Networks launches analytics for HetNets

“SEVEN Networks is adding to its Open Channel portfolio for mobile traffic management with a new analytics solution...”

San Jose Mercury News

November 2013, San Jose Mercury News
SEVEN Networks to Address Mobile Signaling Issues and Solutions at LTE North America 2013 Conference

“Signaling Focus Day at LTE North America is the perfect venue for us to contribute to the discussion on the signaling problem,” said CEO Ross Bott.

Market Watch

October 2013, Market Watch
SEVEN Networks Named in 2013 OnMobile Companies to Watch

“Annual List from AlwaysOn Recognizes Leadership and Innovation Within the Mobile Industry”

RCR Wireless

October 2013, RCR Wireless
SEVEN Networks Wins 2013 Mobile Merit Award

“Traffic Optimization Solution Recognized for Its Ability to Enhance Mobile Carrier Services”

Boston Globe

October 2013, Boston Globe
Traffic Optimization Saves Carriers $33 Per 4G Device Over Two-Year Device Lifespan, According to New Whitepaper

“Research from Senza Fili Consulting Demonstrates Significant Savings To Be Gained from Traffic Optimization”

San Jose Mercury News

July 2013, San Jose Mercury News
SEVEN Networks Announces Promotion of Two Senior Technology Executives

“SEVEN Networks, a technology leader in mobile traffic management and optimization software, today announced the promotion of two senior technology executives, Chaitali Sengupta and Ari Backholm.”


June 2013, TechRadar
The best free Android apps 2013

“ users a simple, clean interface, push notification support and even lets you manage multiple accounts from within the app...”


June 2013, Telecompaper
SEVEN Networks, Intel team on mobile network technologies

“Mobile software services provider SEVEN Networks is collaborating with Intel on mobile network technologies based on SEVEN's Open Channel product family.”

RCR Wireless

June 2013, RCR Wireless
SEVEN Networks to work with Intel on mobile network technologies

“We feel that Intel has the potential to be a major player in the mobile market, and that SEVEN’s experience with wireless network and traffic optimization complements the company’s vast technology and experience.”

Wireless Week

June 2013, Wireless Week
First News Briefs: Chatterboost, Harmonic, Fixmo, SEVEN Networks

“SEVEN Networks announced today that it is collaborating with Intel Corporation on mobile network technologies based on SEVEN’s Open Channel® product family.”

HolmesInFive via YouTube

April 2013, HolmesInFive via YouTube
Outlook For Android App Review

“Exactly what we have been waiting for… four stars out of five.”

Android Central

April 2013, Android Central
Microsoft partners with SEVEN Networks to update app

“Microsoft and SEVEN Networks have revamped the application for Android, and released a huge update today on Google Play.”


February 2013, Silicontap
SEVEN Networks Buys SNRLabs

“SEVEN Networks said the buy will help it add seamless mobility and Wi-Fi quality of experience (QoE) technology to its product portfolio.”

All Things Digital

April 2012, All Things Digital
Man, Smartphones Just Don’t Shut Up

“Only smartphone apps are even more annoying. Some ping the network as often as 2,400 times an hour. The result is network congestion and signal loss, as well as a far more rapid drain on battery life.”

Fierce Broadband Wireless

April 2012, Fierce Broadband Wireless
Chatty Smartphones Stressing Networks

“Mobile operators are searching for these types of solutions because whenever their signaling channel is overloaded, requests for calls cannot reach the network, meaning the device cannot access the network for voice or data service.”

The Wall Street Journal

August 2011, Wall Street Journal
Boosting Mobile-Data Capacity

“Wireless carriers test ways to cope with heavy demand on mobile networks... including SEVEN Networks which can reduce by 40% the time a smartphone or a tablet is on the network.”


October 2011, Infoworld
Microsoft strikes back with Hotmail for Android

“[Microsoft] turned to its partner Seven Networks to build the app, which delivers push-enabled access to the user inbox, contact list, and calendars, and it's available free of charge in the Android Market.”

The Mercury News

June 2011, Mercury News
Wiretap: Put on your tuxedo, it's 'Entrepreneur of the Year' time

“Seven has been plowing ahead; in its latest incarnation, it's working with cellphone carriers to dramatically cut back the amount of bandwidth smartphones consume.”

Wireless Week

May 2011, Wireless Week
SEVEN Offers Ping, an App to Manage Apps

"What makes Ping unique is it's a shift from service-based messaging to contact-based messaging."


May 2011, WebWire
Telecom Council Member Judges Select 8 New Innovations to Showcase at TIA 2011

SEVEN included in the Innovation Showcase highlighting "new companies that are pushing the envelope of the telecom industry."


January 2011, GigaOM
In Smartphones, Seven Finds a New Heaven

"The solution has big implications for carriers, struggling to keep up with soaring mobile data use, and for mobile users, who are increasingly facing limits on their use of data."

RCR Wireless News

January 2011, RCR Wireless News
Seven Networks' Optimization Tool Reduces Data Traffic, Improves Battery Life

"Smartphones and tablets are accessing more data across cellular networks, causing strain on the network. Seven Networks optimization tool is designed to ease that network strain."

European Business Journal

January 2011, European Business Journal

"Today, SEVEN is one of the strongest players in mobile networks and the data traffic handled. Mobile carriers and device manufacturers rely on the company's future-oriented solutions."


December 2010, Engadget Mobile
SEVEN Powers Verizon Mail 4.0

"...Verizon's covering all its bases here today with the release of Mobile Email 4.0, a dumbphone-compatible release that lets even some of the cheapest handsets in Big Red's lineup (the Octane, Cosmos Touch, and Zeal are specifically called out) in on the corporate action..."


March 2010, Droidlife
Android App Review: SEVEN e-mail

"...When it comes to key features, SEVEN does everything the default mail client does; you’ve got the notification bar functionality, the multiple accounts, signatures, address books and all the other things you’d normally expect. However, there are some advanced features that, frankly, impress me..."

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