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SEVEN Adds IM to Its Push-enabled Mobile Messaging Portfolio

Company Leverages its Mobile Push Technology Expertise to Further Drive Global Customer Usage and Operator ARPU with Mobile Instant Messaging

Redwood City, CA – September 29, 2009 – Today, SEVEN®, the global leader in push-enabled mobile email and messaging solutions for mass market devices, announces that the SEVEN Mobile Instant Messaging application is available for mobile operators and device manufacturers to further enhance their device and service offerings. The SEVEN Mobile Instant Messaging application is powered by System SEVEN, the industry's leading mobile push platform for mass market devices, which is proven to reliably scale to millions of users – industry experts forecast the number of IM accounts to grow to more than 3.7 billion by 2012 making it one of the largest mobile service opportunities after email.

SEVEN Mobile IM supports multiple IM accounts – including Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk (Gtalk) – and delivers on SEVEN's mission to provide users with easy access to all the services of their choice, on the device of their choice. From feature phones to advanced smart devices, the SEVEN push technology, applied to Instant Messaging, opens the service to mass market adoption by providing a superior user experience that includes:

Desktop-like IM capabilities: the SEVEN Mobile IM user experience mirrors that of the desktop with functionality such as buddy lists, presence enablement, status updates, chat, and the ability to find and invite friends;

Fully certified and branded IM clients: the SEVEN Mobile IM application is branded to match the service provider's identity; and, the certification process ensures reliability and a high quality of service;

An always-on user experience: the SEVEN Mobile IM client remains active in the background, and provides users with instant notification of status updates and incoming messages – even when the device is busy with other tasks;

Smart, battery-saving notifications: with SEVEN's push-based notifications, the device and the IM client are pinged only when new information needs to be delivered and helps to maximize battery life for the device.

With the combined capabilities of SEVEN mobile email, calendar, contacts, rich messaging and IM, SEVEN enables wireless operators and device manufacturers to fast-track their way to highly reliable, scalable and integrated push-enabled messaging services ―giving them a marketable edge over their competition while reducing the overall infrastructure costs of delivering the services.

"As operators look at new avenues to drive ARPU, sell the value of their data plans and decrease churn, the user experience for messaging services is becoming paramount," said Ross Bott, CEO and president of SEVEN. "By embedding our proven mobile email solution and our new instant messaging services on mobile devices, everyone, including operators, device manufacturers and end users, will benefit from the improved usability, operational efficiencies, and financial returns enabled by our platform."

SEVEN will demo its Instant Messaging application at the CTIA event in San Diego October 7-8, 2009. Users can experience SEVEN push mobile email today by signing up for a free trial at

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