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SEVEN Adds Policy Enforcement, Wi-Fi Offload Features for Android Handsets to Open Channel® Product Family

Industry’s First Signaling Optimization Software Now Part of a Product Family for Mobile Traffic Visibility, Optimization and Management

REDWOOD CITY, California – Feb. 19, 2013 - SEVEN Networks® announced today new policy enforcement, network mobility and Wi-Fi offload software products that expand its industry leading Open Channel® signaling optimization software into a complete platform for managing mobile app traffic.

The new Open Channel software products include:

  • Open Channel Policy Enforcement – Enforces policies to manage mobile traffic and enable service plan creation.
  • Open Channel Seamless Mobility – Delivers seamless mobility when devices move between carrier networks and Wi-Fi.
  • Open Channel Wi-Fi QoE – Optimizes Wi-Fi offloading decisions to improve end-user experience.

These Open Channel software products are designed to help carriers take back control of app data traffic while improving the customer experience for subscribers.

They join Open Channel Signaling Optimization in the product portfolio. In trials with tier-one carriers worldwide, Open Channel Signaling Optimization has consistently and significantly reduced Android device signaling by transparently detecting redundant traffic patterns and caching unnecessary app network requests.

Open Channel Signaling Optimization includes device and server software that monitors all requests for data made by the mobile apps and reduces signaling by connecting to the network only if new updates are available.

The Open Channel platform forms the foundation for sophisticated mobile analytics offering deep insight into network traffic patterns, and for delivering actionable intelligence to help carriers optimize finite network resources.

With the new software products, operators can now use Open Channel to enforce app policies on a per-user or global basis. The software can also modify connection behavior of all apps on a phone, or can selectively enforce bandwidth-saving policies based on whether the phone is on a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network.

“The market dominance of smartphones has resulted in a loss of wireless carrier control over data traffic. The challenges start at the handset, and that is where these issues are best addressed,” said Ross Bott, President and CEO of SEVEN Networks. “Because Open Channel is on the device it gives carriers an end-to-end policy capability so they can enforce policy more effectively and get a better perspective of the traffic profile.”

“Mobile operators traditionally manage signaling traffic in the network. This method leads to an inefficient use of network resources as the traffic generated by mobile devices puts an unnecessary load on the network without improving the subscriber experience,” said Monica Paolini, President, Senza Fili Consulting. “By extending control to the client, SEVEN has taken an innovative approach that allows operators to manage and optimize data traffic much more effectively.”

Details of New Open Channel Software Products

Open Channel Policy Enforcement lets carriers specify context-aware traffic management policies to manage traffic at the mobile client. Network requests are managed based on contextual information, including whether the device is actively being used, its radio connected state, time of day, network connection type and more. Policy Enforcement also lets operators create innovative mobile service plans targeted to the needs of their subscriber base.

Open Channel Seamless Mobility delivers an uninterrupted end-user experience during transitions between wireless network types, allowing operators to offload traffic from the wireless carrier network to Wi-Fi without adversely impacting subscribers. The software acts as an intermediary between applications and the radio interface so that applications perform as if connected continuously to the same radio source.

Open Channel Wi-Fi QoE optimizes Wi-Fi offloading decisions to improve end-user experience. The client-based software accurately measures quality of experience (QoE) on all available networks detected by the device, based upon configurable parameters including security, data usage, applications context, battery life, speed/quality of connection, location and time of day. It then decides where and when to offload based upon this assessment. By optimizing offloading decisions based upon operator-defined policies, network capacity utilization is improved.

Open Channel Signaling Optimizer, Policy Enforcement, Seamless Mobility and Wi-Fi QoE products are available now. These Open Channel products are designed to work on all Android 2.3 and 4.x devices on all mobile networks.

SEVEN Networks will attend Mobile World Congress and invites interested mobile carriers and device manufacturers to meet with SEVEN executives and product experts at the event. To schedule a face-to-face meeting, contact SEVEN at

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN® Networks develops innovative software solutions that help wireless carriers and device manufacturers manage and optimize mobile traffic before it impacts the network. SEVEN’s flagship Open Channel™ products reduce operator costs, increase efficiency in the use of wireless infrastructure, and enhance end-user experience. Open Channel extends management of data traffic from the network to the mobile client, bringing immediate capacity relief to overloaded networks. Operators gain actionable intelligence on their networks, application activity is optimized, and unnecessary signaling activity is significantly reduced.

SEVEN solutions are deployed worldwide at major carriers across the five continents. For more information, visit or follow SEVEN on Twitter at

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