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Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a superior user experience that enables Real life, Real time™ to millions of users on a variety of device models worldwide.

Feature Highlights

Email, IM, Calendar, Contacts…

SEVEN provides complete, end-to-end mobile messaging apps including desktop-like access to IM, email accounts, contacts and calendar.

Highly Configurable, Turnkey Solution

SEVEN mobile apps are highly configurable and can address the unique needs of every user segment without costly customizations.

Real-Time Background Updates

Automatic updates powered by push deliver a real-time experience, and eliminate content delays or the need to manually check for updates.

Superior Quality of Services

SEVEN has established strong working relationships with device manufacturers and global ISPs which result in faster time to market, and higher service quality.


Increase User Adoption and Loyalty

Turnkey, push-enabled mobile solutions deliver a unified experience across multiple services and devices resulting in increased user adoption and retention.

Faster Time to Market

One integrated solution for multiple services simplifies service delivery, reduces costs and accelerates time-to-market for both operators and device manufacturers.

Longer Battery Life

Messages are exchanged on the network only when needed – this reduces signaling on the network and radio activity on the device for a longer battery life.

Lower Network Costs

SEVEN Mobile Apps are optimized for wireless networks and reduce data traffic up to 5 times compared to apps that rely on interval polling or keep the device connected to the network.

Always sync up with my working calendar and emails on the go.

Faster access to email, fewer steps required, convenience.

Real-time email helps me improve my communication.

It’s important for me to stay connected at all times with my business, my family and news around the world.

Push saves battery life and works in real-time. I use it for work to be able to respond quickly to emails.

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