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SEVEN Networks Introduces Plug-and-Play In-Network Deployment for Open Channel Product Family

New Version of Pioneering Mobile Traffic Management Software Offers Simplified In-Network Deployment

REDWOOD CITY, California – June 17, 2013 - SEVEN Networks®, a technology leader in mobile traffic management and optimization software, today announced a significant enhancement to its Open Channel family of products that lets wireless carriers quickly and easily deploy the server component in-network.

The new release gives carriers another deployment option alongside hosted deployment, which was available with the previous version of the software.

In-network deployment is the preferred choice of most mobile carriers for long-term, large-scale use. However, in-network solutions are typically complex and time consuming to deploy. The newest version of the Open Channel software solves this problem with plug-and-play in-network deployment.

SEVEN Networks engineers developed the new software to run on two single rack unit servers for an initial deployment. Additional servers can be added to scale to tens of millions of users.

The software leverages industry standard open source operating system and database software, reducing deployment costs and complexity. It requires minimal network integration and no custom coding, dramatically reducing the time it takes for the software to be deployed and operational.

"The introduction of a plug-and-play in-network version of the Open Channel platform is a significant enabler for the market," said Ross Bott, president and CEO of SEVEN Networks. "Our development team has worked hard to make deployment as easy and fast as possible, offering outstanding time-to-value for carriers."

In addition to the in-network deployment model, the Open Channel platform also offers a cloud deployment model for the server component. This deployment model is well suited for initial device launches while in-network deployment is being prepared. The hosted model offers the shortest possible deployment timeline. Each operator has the flexibility to choose the deployment model that works best for their business.

Regardless of the model chosen for the server component, the software also includes a client component that resides on the mobile handset. Extending control to the mobile handset enables management and optimization of mobile traffic before it impacts the network, reducing costs and conserving network resources. 

The flagship product within the product line is Open Channel Signaling Optimization, which consistently and substantially reduces Android device signaling by transparently detecting redundant traffic patterns and caching unnecessary network requests. The server software then monitors for updates, so that the client connects to the network only when updates are available.

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN® Networks develops innovative software solutions that help wireless carriers manage and optimize mobile traffic before it impacts the network. SEVEN’s flagship Open Channel® products reduce operator costs, increase efficiency in the use of wireless infrastructure, and enhance end-user experience. Extending the management of data traffic from the network to the mobile client brings immediate capacity relief to overloaded networks. Operators gain actionable intelligence on their networks, application activity is optimized, and unnecessary signaling activity is significantly reduced.

SEVEN Networks solutions are deployed worldwide at major carriers across the five continents. For more information, visit SEVEN online at or follow us on Twitter at

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