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Push Notifications

Push notifications deliver real-time updates and content sync designed to minimize traffic generated on the network and improve battery life.

Feature Highlights

Instant Notifications and Content

Automatic updates take place in the background and deliver a real-time experience.

APIs and Connectors

Device and server side APIs are available for 3rd party developers to easily integrate their application.


Optimized for Wireless

SEVEN push notifications deliver updates and data using protocols that are optimized for wireless.

Pushed Content

Push technology enables the remote wake-up of apps on the device and syncs content with server, eliminating the need to constantly poll for updates.


Increased User Engagement

Push-enabled apps are proven to increase end-user engagement compared to services that are based on polling mechanisms or require manual intervention.

Lower Delivery Costs

Application and content providers can deliver superior mobile apps and an enhanced user experience-all while lowering costs.

Desktop Like User Experience

Deliver automatic updates whether the mobile app is open or not on the device. This results in a desktop-like user experience with always-on capabilities.

Optimized Network Traffic

Data traffic is significantly reduced as a result of optimized transport between the cloud and the device when notifications or content updates are delivered.

Always sync up with my working calendar and emails on the go.

Faster access to email, fewer steps required, convenience.

Real-time email helps me improve my communication.

It’s important for me to stay connected at all times with my business, my family and news around the world.

Push saves battery life and works in real-time. I use it for work to be able to respond quickly to emails.

Push Notifications

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